Olivia Brook

Olivia Brook

Administration Assistant & Receptionist

Bubbly, energetic and efficient, Olivia is often the first bright cheery voice you hear when you call Key Admin.  She’s there to back the team up with tasks on MYOB, Xero, filing, answering the phones and doing the runs down to the Post Office and Coles
When speaking with Olivia you can be sure you have her full attention.  She’s 100% committed to getting an understanding of your needs so she can deliver the most efficient service possible.

Favourite app:

OIivia is a devotee to Google Calendar for helping her schedule both her work and personal life.

Favourite movie quote:

"Happy Hunger Games! and may the odds be ever in your favour"- Hunger games.

Dream job swap:

A talented musician, Oliva’s dream job would be a top of the charts, world touring musician.  Look out Adele!

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