How do we charge?

Key Admin charges by the hour.  Once we have a good understanding of your business we can then charge either a fixed price or by the hour.

Why should I outsource my bookkeeping?

It can be more cost effective as you will only be billed for the time spent working on your business by your dedicated bookkeeper. We can guarantee cover if your bookkeeper is away on leave as we have a buddy system to ensure that there is never a drop in service.  You can also access a variety of different skill sets within our organization to help you develop the best processes to help your business run smoothly.

Canít my accountant do my bookkeeping for me?

Your accountant may offer in house bookkeeping services however we believe your bookkeeper can offer end to end office support to help your business. Accountants may also charge considerably more than a bookkeeper!

We also specialise in streamlining your administration and other business processes to make your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  This could include add on software such as job management or document scanning programs. 

Can Key Admin do Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement on my behalf?

Yes, Key Administration solutions is a Registered BAS Agent and we can prepare and lodge your BAS on your behalf. As required, we are up to date with legislation knowledge. Not all bookkeepers can do BAS lodgement on behalf of clients and there are heavy penalties for offering a BAS service as a non-registered provider.

What does Key Admin bring to my business that is different from other bookkeepers?

Key Admin really cares about building hands on, professional relationships; we are honest, transparent and upfront. We will always go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable with your finances and business decisions.

The training programs, quality control measures and support systems ensure we have a network of highly compliant bookkeepers.

Do I need to clean up my books before I hand them over to Key Admin?

No, we will include a clean up for you and if required, set up an industry specific cloud accounting solution that best fits your needs.

How can Key Admin help my business, apart from Bookkeeping?

Apart from bookkeeping, we offer many other services. We provide comprehensive support tailored to your business needs. From ensuring compliance with BAS requirements to managing payroll and offering HR assistance, we handle various administrative tasks efficiently. Additionally, we optimise your business systems, integrate software solutions, implement cloud technologies such as XERO, and provide outsourced administration services. 

How can I get started with Key Admin?

You can contact us by giving us a call or via email. Send us the requirements for your business and we will come up with the solutions and steps to get the ball rolling. We are professional and friendly, so don’t think twice before you contact us?

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