Rafaella V

Rafaella V.

Practice Manager


Xero Advisor Certification
Xero Payroll Certification

Rafaella originally from Brazil, made a significant career change from hospitality when she joined Key Admin in 2022 as a Business Administrator. Through our fast-tracked on-the-job training, Raf swiftly mastered the role and adapted to the demands of her new career and was promoted to Practice Manager. Her favourite part of the job is working with and assisting the team and clients in any way she can. She is abundantly cheerful and energetic, always bringing a positive vibe to our environment. Outside of work, she enjoys music, quality time with friends and family, and has a hidden talent for singing.

Most inspiring part of the job:
Helping the team at Key Admin and clients

Dream job swap:

Best Advice:
Talk less, think more

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