Xero Bookkeeping Melbourne

Simplify your business and sleep well tonight!

Sick of chasing up unpaid invoices? 

Drowning in receipts?

Struggling to pay bills because you haven't been paid?

Constantly checking your bank account to sort out who has paid what?

Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about finding time to stop work to catch up with paperwork? Not to mention whether you are doing it correctly...

We have an effective solution for you.

Melbourne Xero Specialists

Key Administration Solutions are experienced and friendly Xero bookkeepers. Our services suit small to medium Australian businesses looking for reliable Melbourne bookkeepers. Coupled with Xero, the easy bookkeeping software, we can transform the way you think about your accounts. 
We provide Melbourne with key bookkeeping services including:


From invoicing, accounts payable and payroll. Our Xero bookkeeping services help you to stay in control and understand your business finances. We’ll get your finances in order (and compliant!) freeing you to better focus on your business, life and family.

Xero Migrations & Software Integrations

Is it time to leave your outdated & old accounting software behind? 
Key Admin will handle the migration and integration of your financial software without burdening you.
Our team convert and migrate your financial data into Xero accounting software for easy management of your financial data while also implementing more streamlined processes.

Xero Support & Training

Are you not sure how to use Xero or concerned about compliance with the ATO? Our hands-on Xero training is designed to help you get the most out of Xero and its powerful range of features.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Working with us, we will work together to create an effective strategy to make things effortless for you, whilst growing your business to be the best it can be.

We use Xero software as it is such an easy system to use. On the outside, the interface makes it look like a basic accounting program but on the inside, there are many features that make it a powerful and efficient tool. You only need to know where to input your numbers and let Xero and ourselves do the rest for you… leaving you worry free and time free.

You can take the weekend off!

Why Xero?

  • Xero is an easy to use integrated system so you can keep track of your money at the touch of a button.
  • You can write up your quotes on this software and then transform the quote into an invoice.
  • You can access Xero from your mobile phone, your computer, or tablet - wherever you are.
  • Payment terms are implemented and unpaid invoices are automatically followed up.
  • Your information is stored in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing it.  
  • Payments to your suppliers can be automated.
  • Purchase orders can be automated too.
  • Pay your employees knowing that you are meeting all compliance obligations. 
  • Xero automatically collects your bank data so we can keep track of where your business is at.

Why Key Administration Solutions?

  • You can rely on us. We’re passionate about helping business owners to thrive and we know what is required to ensure all appropriate systems are in place.
  • We aim to minimise any stress you may have regarding cash flow.
  • We operate with honesty and transparency, after all, this helps everyone. Along with that, we are professionals with experience so you can trust us.
  • You will receive Xero training - that’s Xero - not zero! 
  • Working with us, won't just help you, but will also help your employees, your customers, and your suppliers. We will tailor your individual business needs specific to your industry.
  • We are a registered BAS Agent. (Not all bookkeepers are).
  • We are available to take your call. As we have a buddy system, if someone is away, there is always someone else here to help you. 
  • We are experienced professionals - we know what we are doing!

Keep up to date with compliance and enhance your productivity.

Do you have all your receipts in a shoebox and really don't know what next step to take? Or even if you are super organised but just don't have the time to do those bank reconciliations?

Give us a call, or drop in and visit us at our Croydon office. We are here to help you to help your business. We see all types of businesses and welcome any situation regardless of what point you are at.

Ready to talk about your bookkeeping needs?